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With over 25 years of mattress making experience, we provide extremely comfortable, exceptionally made mattresses that fit your yacht perfectly! If you are located in Southern California, we will come to you to measure. If you are located outside of the area, just give us a call and we will walk you through the process of making a template or have an outside sales rep visit.


All of our Full Latex Mattresses start with solid 6″ 100% Latex core.  The benefits of Latex make for the perfect marine mattress.  In addition to being extremely comfortable, Latex is breathable, foldable and most importantly mold and mildew resistant.  We then cover all of our mattresses in a naturally mildew resistant bamboo top and use a breathable marine vinyl underlining to allow air to flow through the mattress. 
While standard heights are given, we can adjust the thickness of any model to fit your specific needs.

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